What is Network Marketing?

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Network marketing, or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), is like a team game where people sell things and earn rewards. Imagine you have a special toy to share with friends. When your friends also share and sell the toy, you get a small reward for each sale they make. And if their friends join in, you might get rewards from their sales too. It’s like everyone helping each other and earning something for being part of the team.

Network Marketing, or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), is a business model where individuals earn money not only by selling a company’s products but also by recruiting others to sell those products. As a participant, you build a network of distributors, and you earn commissions not only on your sales but also on the sales made by the people you’ve recruited (your downline) and sometimes even their recruits. It’s structured in levels, creating a multi-level or hierarchical system. While some people find success in MLM, it’s a controversial business model with concerns about its legitimacy and potential for exploitation.