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Baby Shower Bundle Game Sets

You will receive 20 game bundles per order.

With a unique mixture of icebreakers, classic crowd-pleasers, team games, and solo games, Baby Shower Bundle contains something for everyone. Games are designed to be quick, fun, and simple, so you don’t have to worry about guests twiddling their thumbs!  Each bundle contains 7 activities and is suitable for gatherings up to 20 guests. Use 2 game bundles for larger gatherings.

  • Don’t Say Baby: There’s only one rule—don’t say baby!
  • How Big Is Mom’s Belly?: No baby shower is complete without this classic hit.
  • Guess Who?: Test how well guests know the parents-to-be with this fun prediction game.
  • Baby Shower Taboo: Guests will need to think fast and choose their words wisely in this hilarious team game!
  • Baby Shower Charades: Prepare for things to get silly fast
  • Tinkle In The Pot: This team relay game will have everyone up on their feet and rolling with laughter.
  • Word Search: Perfect for guests while mom-to-be opens her gifts

What’s in each game bundle?  30 Mini Clothes Pins, Don’t Say Baby Card, 4 Cups & 4 Balls, 25 Pastel Balloons, 28 Charades Cards & 28 Taboo Cards, 20 Guess Who? & Word Search Sheets, Tape Measure, and How Big Is Mum’s Belly? Card.

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