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The MyCityMayor: Requirements is an online video network that provides a platform for local content creators to share their stories with the world. We are committed to showcasing the best of what each city has to offer, and telling the unique stories of the people and businesses that make each city special. Our goal is to connect people with their city through the power of AI Chat GP3 and other Web3.0 technology. also offers a suite of tools to help local businesses and organizations maximize the impact of their video content, including SEO and social media optimization.

Executive Committee:



City Mayors

City Council Members

The City Mayor position will be the third (3) highest ranking position in your city… You will be voted in and out on your performance as a leader of your city community.

Your job description: Mayors

Add as many local businesses and individuals as possible in your city.

Conduct local community activities and promotion events.

Arrange community volunteer opportunities.

Organize community learning summits.

You will be responsible to post updated content to your city channel.
Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly (all holidays).

You will be responsible for appointing council members In different districts throughout your city (for larger cities only).

The mayor will not have voting power but will have power to veto.

You will be able to resell advertisement slots to each and every contact listing you create with your account. (Lifetime residual income) even if you lose your position.

All payment will be paid through company stock or crypto currency options and your cash percentage of paid advertisement, along with any cash or product sales or bonuses.

You will get a assigned percentage of all sales in your city region shops to be shared with your local council members.

Each City will eventually get appointed a Governor who will be in charge of the state operations without any voting powers other than the governor’s board…

Which will eventually oversee the entire project.

The CEO of the organization will always be the PRESIDENT of the community. With no voting power but complete veto power.

The citizens/subscribers will have voting power and can participate in community elections,

Each citizen will receive a minimum of 100 MCC tokens and added to our cash back and rewards program automatically.

All city council members and up are eligible for vendor accounts. And can add as many channel listings, jobs, or events as wanted.

Trading of your complimentary MCC tokens are allowed only on our platform but cannot be sold on the open market for one (1) year (after registering) so we can build trust and liquidity in our community.

Our goal is to register and teach as many people as humanly possible around the globe about cryptocurrency, nfts and, the world of web3. Take back control of our content and if all goes well build wealth for our families for future generations.

FYI: You do not have to be a professional in this field, none of us are… we’re all learning as we go,

One #CHANNEL at a Time.