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MicroFunds Express Loans

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1. Introduction:

  • MicroFunds Express is a crowdfunding platform on dedicated to microloans, offering opportunities for individuals to seek financial support for various needs.

2. Investment Parameters:

  • Minimum Investment: $100
  • Maximum Investment: $1,000 per campaign (unlimited campaigns)
  • Target Audience: Individuals aged 18 and above, registered on, and in good standing.

3. Return on Investment:

  • 10% for 30 days
  • 12% for 60 days
  • 15% for 90 days
  • 100% guaranteed return on investment

4. Campaign Features:

  • Users can post or feature campaigns for premium views.
  • Social Media Integration: Share campaigns on social media for increased visibility.

5. Rewards Program:

  • 100+ free MCC crypto tokens upon registration.
  • Affiliate Program: Earn $20 for every registered paid account under you and a percentage of sales and services for the account’s lifetime.
  • Unlimited MCC crypto token rewards for interacting with the site.
  • Build a diverse portfolio by supporting multiple campaigns.

6. Grantee Opportunities:

  • Grantees can request one campaign at a time with increasing limits for subsequent campaigns.
  • Maximum Ask:
    • $500 for the first campaign
    • $1,000 for the second campaign
    • $5,000 for the third campaign
    • Up to $10,000 for the fourth campaign
    • Up to $50,000 for the fifth campaign
    • Up to $100,000 for the sixth and final campaign.
  • All campaigns must be paid out in full and closed before opening a new campaign.

7. Security Measures:

  • All agreements will be stored on the blockchain for transparency and security.
  • will pay off any debts, but users will be permanently banned until all back payments and fees are paid with interest.

8. Loan Purpose:

  • Users can request microloans for various purposes, including but not limited to car payments, rent, bills, business ideas, emergencies, events, promotions, advertisements, entertainment, charity, lifestyle, health, and beauty.

9. Interest Rates:

  • Fixed 25% interest on any donation.

10. Enforcement:

  • Non-compliance with repayment agreements will result in a permanent ban until all debts are paid in full, including interest.

11. Conclusion:

  • MicroFunds Express aims to empower individuals, providing financial support for their needs while ensuring a secure and transparent lending environment.