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Green Party USA: Advocating for Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice

1. Overview:
The Green Party USA is a political organization committed to promoting environmental sustainability, social justice, non-violence, and grassroots democracy. Founded on principles that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet, the Green Party seeks to address pressing issues through progressive policies and community engagement.

2. Mission:
The mission of the Green Party USA is to create a society where ecological balance, social justice, and equal opportunity are at the forefront of political decision-making. They advocate for a sustainable future that considers the long-term health of the environment and the needs of all individuals, regardless of race, gender, or economic status.

3. Key Principles:
The Green Party USA is guided by the following fundamental principles:

  • Ecological Wisdom: Recognizing the interdependence of all life and the need for ecological sustainability.
  • Social Justice: Striving for a fair and equitable society that uplifts the marginalized and addresses systemic inequalities.
  • Grassroots Democracy: Promoting inclusive and participatory decision-making at all levels of governance.
  • Non-Violence: Advocating for peaceful resolutions to conflicts, both domestically and internationally.
  • Decentralization: Supporting the devolution of power and decision-making to local communities.
  • Community-Based Economics: Fostering economic systems that prioritize human well-being over profit maximization.
  • Feminism and Gender Equity: Championing gender equality and reproductive rights.
  • Respect for Diversity: Celebrating cultural, ethnic, and social diversity as enriching elements of society.

4. Policy Priorities:
The Green Party USA advocates for a range of policies to address pressing issues, including but not limited to:

  • Transitioning to a clean and renewable energy economy to combat climate change.
  • Expanding access to quality healthcare through a single-payer, universal healthcare system.
  • Promoting affordable housing and combating homelessness.
  • Championing workers’ rights and a living wage.
  • Supporting education reforms that prioritize equitable access to quality education.
  • Advancing criminal justice reform and ending mass incarceration.
  • Advocating for comprehensive immigration reform and protection of refugee rights.
  • Redirecting funds from militarization to invest in social programs and community development.

5. Grassroots Activism:
The Green Party USA values grassroots activism and encourages community engagement to effect positive change. They believe in the power of local organizing and community-driven initiatives to build a more just and sustainable society.

6. Get Involved:
To join the Green Party USA or support their mission, visit their official website at Here, you can find information about local chapters, upcoming events, policy platforms, and ways to contribute to their cause.

7. Contact Information:
For media inquiries, interviews, or general inquiries, please contact:
Phone: 202.319.7191

8. Social Media:
Stay connected with the Green Party USA and follow their updates on social media:

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:

9. Media Kit:
For high-resolution images, logos, and other media assets related to the Green Party USA, please visit their media kit at (Link to Media Kit).

Thank you for your interest in the Green Party USA. Together, we can work towards a sustainable and just future for all.

We are grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters and regular citizens who’ve had enough of corporate-dominated politics. Government must be part of the solution, but when it’s controlled by the 1%, it’s part of the problem. The longer we wait for change, the harder it gets. Don’t stay home on election day. Vote Green!

Everything we do is based on our four pillars …

Our country’s long wars and worldwide military presence are immoral and unsustainable. Our military budget must be cut dramatically.

The human cost of climate change is too high. We need to get off fossil fuels and on to renewable energy.

Falling wages and rising bills are hitting most of us, and the most vulnerable are hit the hardest. We demand a living wage and a real safety net.

We demand public financing of elections, open debates, and more representative voting systems.

… and our ten key values

The Green Party of the United States

PO Box 75075, Washington, DC 20013


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