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Channels.biz Web3 DeFi MLM Marketplace powered by: MCC Tokens

Channels.biz is a dynamic platform designed to empower local businesses and organizations by optimizing their content impact. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies such as ChatGPT and Web3.0, the platform serves as a bridge connecting people globally to their cities, communities, heritage, experiences, expertise, and knowledge.

By harnessing the power of AI, Channels.biz aims to revolutionize the way businesses engage with their audience. The integration of ChatGPT ensures interactive and personalized communication, enhancing user experience and fostering meaningful connections. This innovative approach enables businesses to reach new heights in terms of content impact and engagement.

One notable aspect is the emphasis on educating people globally about key technologies such as Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Web3, Blockchain, and ChatGPT Technology. This aligns with the broader mission of empowering individuals and communities by providing knowledge and understanding of these innovative technologies.

The use of MCC Tokens suggests a decentralized finance (DeFi) approach, potentially involving a marketplace where users can engage in various transactions within the platform.

The overarching goal, as outlined, is to take back control of content and, if successful, build wealth for families and future generations. This suggests a long-term vision of not only providing valuable services and education but also contributing to the financial well-being of users.

In summary, Channels.biz appears to be a comprehensive platform that combines AI, Web3.0 technologies, and a focus on education to empower local businesses, connect communities globally, and contribute to financial prosperity through the use of MCC Tokens and engagement in decentralized finance activities.

Everyone will start at this level one (1): City Council Members 100-100,000 Tokens

All City Council Members will have voting power (point totals) and can participate in community elections in their local region only. Each City Council Member will receive a minimum of 100 MCC tokens and added to our cash back and rewards program automatically. Everyone on the site can add as many #CHANNELS listings, jobs, or events as wanted. Non-legit channels will be deleted. If you plan on reselling product or participating in our affiliate program you must upgrade your membership account accordingly.

Level Two(2): City Mayors 100,000-500,000 Tokens

All My City Mayors and My City Members are eligible for vendor accounts. My City Mayor will not have any national voting power but will have power to veto in his/her region only.

The My City Mayors position will be the first ranking position in your city/region… You will be voted in and out on your performance as a leader of your city community (yearly) you will be appointed to get started after a short proven performance rank.

Your job description:

Set up a channel for your home city. (any channel you build yourself will be yours for life with residual income) there’s no limit to how many channels you can build for any person, place, or thing. Add as many local #CHANNELS businesses and individuals and don’t forget about THINGS endless possibilities, like, animals, events, autos, rewards, memorials, research, educational, anything is a thing. You can make a channel about a rock ? if you like.

You will be responsible to post updated content to your city #CHANNELS. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Holidays. All My City Mayor and up channels must have a vendor account. you will be able to resell advertisement slots to each and every channel you create with your account affiliate number. (lifetime residual income) even if you lose your leadership position.

Level Three (3) Governors: 500,000 and 1,000,000 Tokens

You will be responsible for appointing My City Mayors in different districts throughout your city (for larger cities only).

Level Four (4) Presidential Committee 1,000,000 (and up) Tokens

General Rules

Remember to use your affiliate code for lifetime residuals payouts for sites that you didn’t build but referred. Conduct local community activities and community promotional events.

Look for events to sponsor with promotional items. Parties of all types, block, skate, gospel, book signings, comedy, hair, fashion, holiday, political, homelessness, any celebration, gathering or event.

Arrange community VOLUNTEER opportunities. Organize community LEARNING summits. Show up and participate in community events with promotional supplies and information for registration.

Registration (smartphone) with internet connection we will use GPS and Dynamic QR Code Technology.

All payouts will be paid through MCC crypto currency options and your cash percentage of all paid advertisement that you resale, along with any cash or product sales bonuses and agreements conducted on the blockchain smart contract.

You will get a assigned percentage of all sales in your city region shops to be shared with your local council members. (PERCENTAGE dispersed electronically) through MCC Tokens.

Each State/Region will eventually get appointed a Governor, who will be in charge of the regions governing operations without any local voting powers other than the governor’s board… Which will eventually oversee the entire project. The CEO of the organization will always be the PRESIDENT of the community. With no voting power but complete veto power. Any veto can be overturned by a supermajority (90 %) vote of the entire community or region. The president position is an appointed position by the proceeding president. The preceding president cannot be voted out of his position under any circumstances. He/She can retire voluntarily at any time.

Trading of your complimentary MCC tokens are allowed (only) on our platform (at a value of one to one), but cannot be sold on the open market for at the minimum of one (1) year (after receipt) so we can build trust and liquidity in our community.

You can purchase as many MCC tokens on the open market as you like and do as you like with them.

FYI: You do not have to be a professional in this field. None of us are… We’re all learning as we GO! One #CHANNEL-At-A-Time

Thanks for your time… welcome to our future!.

Marcus C Duke CEO.