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Look for yours throughout the ? . If you get one KEEP it for LIFE and WIN! for Life… also,

Look for Site Color Changes

When it change to any of these colors… That’s who the special offer will apply to.

upcoming promotions

Promo #1. One Hundred Million Tokens Around The World Giveaway:

We will be giving away 100,000,000 million MCC tokens to thousands of community members through our rewards program and LIVE promotion events:

Scan your token for prizes from our community members or cash and tangible gifts. You can also play our daily rewards games and WIN! tons of great prizes from the community.

Promo 2. Rep Yo City NFT Art Contest: Coming Soon

Calling all artist from around the world to Rep Yo City and design the hottest NFT you can imagine. We will be accepting entries from around the globe. ALL Ages – More info coming soon.