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MyCityChannels (MCC) on BSC

MyCityChannels (MCC) is a cryptocurrency, deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC BEP-20)


  • Token
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • BEP-20

Date Deployed:Jan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
Total Supply:1,000,000,000MCC
Circulating Supply:1,000,000,000MCC
 Flooz  PancakeSwap (v2)  Mdex  BSCswap  Anyswap
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#CHANNELS Revolutionize the way urban cities connect and engage with AI-powered Web3 DeFi ChatGPT SmartSite Technology through, a global business directory and marketplace for any person, place, or thing, powered by MCC Tokens. is a groundbreaking platform  leverages AI, Web3, DeFi, and ChatGPT technology to create a vibrant ecosystem connecting urban cities, businesses, and communities. By offering a comprehensive global business directory and marketplace, for any person, place or thing, we empower individuals and enterprises to discover, collaborate, and thrive in a digital-first world. Our MCC Tokens fuel this innovative economy, enabling seamless transactions and rewarding active participants for

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My City Mayor

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City Council Member

club with 154 mcc tokens

Stephanie with 118 mcc tokens

Duke414 with 106 mcc tokens

Griffith Family with 100 mcc tokens

meshubham24 with 100 mcc tokens

Vasquez with 100 mcc tokens

Milwaukeeduke414 with 64 mcc tokens

Marcus with 60 mcc tokens

DUKE Beats with 25 mcc tokens

Devon Duke with 19 mcc tokens

Pastor Jerone Tv ( ) with 7 mcc tokens

ivyvalencia09 with 6 mcc tokens

Angel with 5 mcc tokens

555trustluv with 5 mcc tokens

g742197 with 4 mcc tokens

Help4Half with 4 mcc tokens

porschenicole1 with 4 mcc tokens

Spring Gildemeister with 4 mcc tokens

aariseafrican with 3 mcc tokens

Shaniqua Madison with 3 mcc tokens

Denella with 3 mcc tokens

farin.barry923 with 3 mcc tokens

kim.adler with 3 mcc tokens

Natasha Miller with 3 mcc tokens

Rahhul Thoke with 3 mcc tokens

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MyCityChannels (MCC) on BSC

MyCityChannels (MCC) is a cryptocurrency, deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC BEP-20)

  • Token
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • BEP-20

Date Deployed:Jan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
Total Supply:1,000,000,000MCC
Circulating Supply:1,000,000,000MCC
 Flooz  PancakeSwap (v2)  Mdex  BSCswap  Anyswap
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MCC Price and Market Stats

MCC Liquidity:693.625 $(0.00%)
Check MyCityChannels (MCC) Liquidity, Volume… 
MCC Price:0.000467619837 $
Market Cap:467,619.837 $
Trading Volume 24h:0.00 $
Volume / Market Cap:0.00%
Transactions 24h:0 (0.00%)
24h Low / 24h High:N/A
7d Low / 7d High:N/A
All-Time High:N/A
All-Time Low:N/A
Changes for 24h:0.00%
Changes for 7d:0.00%
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Is MyCityChannels (MCC) Token on Binance Smart Chain(BSC BEP-20) Safe?

Holders of MyCityChannels (MCC) Coin

A total of 4 token holder MCCTop 20 holders0xbcdb…0xf746…Other99.9%


MyCityChannels (MCC) Coin listings at exchanges

FloozJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
PancakeSwap (v2)Jan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
MdexJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
BSCswapJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
AnyswapJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
BSCStation SwapJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
CheeseSwapJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
O3swapJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
BscexJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
AutofarmJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
ApeSwapJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
BakerySwapJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
BiswapJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
1inch Network on BSCJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
ParaSwap BSCJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT
PionexJan-06-2022 06:31 GMT

Wallet support MyCityChannels (MCC) BEP-20


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MyCityChannels Cost

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What is the price of MyCityChannels (MCC) today?

One MyCityChannels (MCC) coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.0285944.

How do I buy MyCityChannels (MCC)?

The best way to purchase MyCityChannels (MCC) is using the Swap, for example, on Flooz, PancakeSwap (v2), Mdex, BSCswap, Anyswap, BSCStation Swap, CheeseSwap, O3swap, Bscex, Autofarm, ApeSwap, BakerySwap, Biswap, 1inch Network on BSC, ParaSwap BSC, Pionex.

What is MyCityChannels (MCC) smart contract address?

MyCityChannels (MCC) official smart contract address is 0xD8a0394fe8aeB53314BD1c58dD9EA04471A85b7e.

What is the MyCityChannels (MCC) Market Cap today?

MyCityChannels (MCC) Market Cap is $467,619.837 today.

How much money is in MyCityChannels (MCC) Liquidity Pool?

There is $693.625 in (N/A) MyCityChannels (MCC) liquidity pools.

How many people are holding MyCityChannels (MCC)?

There are 4 holders of MyCityChannels (MCC), which includes 1 large holders (wallets with more than 12M MCC)

What is the liquidity of MyCityChannels (MCC) today?

The current liquidity of MyCityChannels (MCC) with the contract address 0xD8a0394fe8aeB53314BD1c58dD9EA04471A85b7e is N/A

When was the MyCityChannels (MCC) pool created?

This HPT/USDT pool was created 1y ago and its last transaction was recorded recently.


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