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list of the clean and unclean animals Leviticus 11


make a list of the clean and the unclean in Leviticus 11

Based on the search results provided, here is a summary of the clean and unclean animals listed in Leviticus 11:

Clean Animals:

  • Land animals that have a divided hoof and chew the cud (e.g. cattle, sheep, goats)[1][3][4]
  • Water creatures that have fins and scales (e.g. fish)[1][3][4]
  • Certain flying insects that have jointed legs for hopping on the ground[3][4]

Unclean Animals:

  • Land animals that either do not have a divided hoof or do not chew the cud (e.g. camels, hyraxes, rabbits, pigs)[1][3][4]
  • Water creatures that do not have fins and scales (e.g. shellfish, crustaceans)[1][3][4]
  • Birds of prey, scavengers, and other birds not specifically listed as clean[1][3][4]
  • All swarming creatures that move along the ground (e.g. insects, reptiles, amphibians)[1][3][4]

The key criteria for determining clean vs unclean animals was whether they had the physical characteristics of a divided hoof and chewing the cud (for land animals), or fins and scales (for water creatures).[1][3][4] Anything that did not meet these criteria was considered unclean and forbidden for the Israelites to consume or touch.[1][3][4]

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