Club Kids Inc & presents Ride4Hope Motorcade to support the homeless veterans,

How Club Kids Inc & are Supporting Homeless Veterans with the Ride4Hope Motorcade

Club Kids Inc and are proud to announce their support of homeless veterans through the Ride4Hope Motorcade. This event is a unique way to bring awareness to the plight of homeless veterans and to raise funds to help them get back on their feet.

The Ride4Hope Motorcade is a holiday event that will take place on Memorial Day May 29th 2023. It will begin at The Club Kids Hope4Homeless location and end at a sponsored pitstop location, with stops in between to honor veterans and raise awareness of the issue of veteran homelessness. The motorcade will be led by a group of veterans and their families, and will be joined by a variety of supporters, including Club Kids Inc and

Club Kids Inc and are committed to helping homeless veterans in any way they can. They are providing financial support for the Ride4Hope Motorcade, as well as helping to spread the word about the event. They are also encouraging their followers to donate to the cause and to join the motorcade if they can.

The Ride4Hope Motorcade is a great way to show support for homeless veterans and to raise awareness of the issue. Club Kids Inc and are proud to be part of this event and to help make a difference in the lives of those who have served our country.

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